Signature 3in1 Treatment

This is fast becoming our most popular, totally not invasive, age reversal treatment. We combine 3 anti ageing treatments in one session. Not only will you see long term age reversal and skin rejuvenating changes to your skin texture when taken as a package of 6 treatments,  you can have this lunchtime facial and confidently go straight back to work with a fresh new skin!


Chemical Peels

Light Chemical Peel Benefits

  • Removes dead skins cells for a smooth and healthy skin
  • Kick starts the healthy flow of the skins turnover.
  • Prepares the skin for maximum benefit of the following treatments

Medium Depth Chemical Peel Benefits

  • Resurfaces skin down to the base of the epidermis
  • Stimulates new collagen and elastin production
  • Lightens pigmentation in 1 week

Transdermal Mesotherapy

Opens up the aquaeous channels with a light electrical current

  • Infuses the active serum quickly to the dermis
  • Beneficial for pigmentation, hydration, regeneration and feeding the skin cells.


Laser Genesis

  • This powerful 1064nm laser beam stimulates new collagen formation by gently heating the dermis to above 41 degrees C.
  • A very comfortable and relaxing treatment.
  • Non invasive, perfect lunch time treatment for real skin changes.

The signature 3in1 will transform you skin in 6 months with 6 treatments.

Skin Ceuticals Anti Ageing Facial

This pampering and anti ageing facial starts with a cleanse with Skin Ceuticals epidermal repair face wash.

It is followed by a serum to make sure that any excess oil is lifted from the skin before doing  a deep exfoliation with their SC exfoliation paste.

Now that your skin is beautifully prepared to thirstily take in the active ingredient most suited to your skin a choice of either a calming and hydrating mask or a collagen boosting / brightening mask will be applied.  This will go under the steam for optimum penetration.

You will then receive a very relaxing massage by your skin therapist, of your choice, either hands or upper back and neck.Your treatment will end after your skin is well moisturised and protected.You will leave Lasersense with a well pampered and rejuvenated skin and mind.

Lamelle Deep Cleanse Facial

If you suffer with acne breakouts or comodomes (blackheads),  then this facial is ideal for you.

The deep cleanse is like a skin work-out with some pampering.  Once your skin therapist has assessed your skin she may decide to add a salicylic chemical peel to your facial.  Salicylic acid is lipotrophic.  This means that it is able to dissolve the plugs formed in your pores allowing for easy extraction of blackheads and will dry out any active acne for quick healing.

You will still enjoy a pampering back and neck massage while a purifying mask is applied.