BTL Exilis Elite

BTL exilis elite is a powerful non-invasive  skin tightening system for tightening lax skin.  Perfect for the person who cannot do downtime.

The first and only device to simultaneously combine radio frequency and ultrasound to tighten skin.

The powerful combination of Radio Frequency and Ultra Sound    READ MORE….heats the dermis to above 42 degrees centigrade, which causes a controlled heat, not hot enough to burn or cause damage, but just enough to trick the brain to send the message to create new collagen and elastin which tightens and tones skin.

This will be followed by 30 mins under our Low Level Laser Therapy to re energise every skin cell which will then produce strong and healthy new collagen and elastin.

The best areas treated are sagging jowls, nasal labial folds, loose neck skin and skin tightening around the eyes.

You would need 6 lunchtime treatments every 1 – 2 weeks for optimum results.  Maintenance treatments once a year to keep new collagen stimulation at its peak.