Plexr plasma pen soft surgery treatment is a revolutionary and a very precise and safe way to remove moles, skin tags, skin lesions, xanthelasmas (cholesterol bumps) and small tattoos without the risk of leaving a pigment or scar.

The Plexr device generates a small electrical arc, or plasma discharge which results in the instant shrinkage in the superficial layers of the skin, without any unwanted heat transmission to adjacent and deeper tissues. Because its heat is so localised it makes a small target very easy to focus on and in effect, able to remove lesions, moles etc  very precisely

Following treatment, the areas treated will crust easily.  You will need to keep the treated area clean, well moisturesed and protected from sun exposure or direct sources of heat for a minimum of 7 days. You will be given home care cream to apply for the following week which will aid with the healing process.

Unusual side effects include infection or scarring may occur if  after care protocols are not followed.   It is imperative to follow after care advice to avoid such complications.

List of Treatments


Hypertrophic scars
Skin tags
Skin lesions
Xanthelasmas (cholesterol bumps)


The Plexr is CE certified, licensed by the South African department of health, supported across 40 countries worldwide and a market leader in Europe