For wrinkle reduction we offer botulinum toxin injections. We offer 2 different types of botulinum toxin injections as some people can build up a resistance to a certain brand.  We offer only top brand dermal fillers used by most plastic surgeons and medical aesthetic practices

Restylane and Juvederm

Both Doctors have extensive experience working with Juvederm and Restalyne dermal fillers.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are a sterile, clear, dermal filler gel made of chemically modified hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is found in the human body in the skin, cartilage, joints and the eye. In skin tissue, hyaluronic acid fills the space between collagen and elastin fibres. The role of hyaluronic acid in skin is to hydrate the skin by holding in water and to act as a cushioning agent. Hyalyronic acid filler is made from highly purified natural hyaluronic acid, the gel is gradually absorbed by your body through natural mechanisms.

The typical areas treated are:

  • Lip augmentation provides fuller and defined lips which have become thin and wrinkled with age
  • Mid face dermal fillers provides beautifully sculptured cheek bones and helps lift heaviness in the lower face which gradually happens as you age.
  • Straightening and reshaping of the nose instantly and very effectively with no downtime for those who don’t want to go the invasive surgical route.
  • Softening of the nasolabial folds (lines from the end of the nose to the end of the lips)
  • Marionette lines (lines from the corners of the mouth to the jawline, accentuating the downturn of the mouth);
  • Volume replacement for “tear-trough deformity” (hollow under-eye circles)
  • Filling volume loss in the temples to give a more youthful plumper appearance.
  • Resculpting and strengthening the jaw line thereby lessening the effect of jowls and sagging.

There can be very mild swelling after the procedure which rapidly subsides. Try to avoid aspirin containing products or high-dosage vitamin E supplements for 10 days prior to the procedure to avoid bruising.

Our first choice of dermal filler is Restylane, which is supported by 20 years of clinical evidence. It utilizes two technologies to stabilize highly pure HA into a gel form that allows it to last long in the skin, smoothing the surface, and providing lift and support where needed.

Restylane’s record of efficacy and safety has resulted in a range of products that you and your healthcare practitioner can trust:

  • World’s first stabilised and FDA-approved non-animal HA filler
  • Over 20 years of clinical legacy
  • Over 30 million treatments worldwide
  • Over 3000 patients followed in clinical trials
  • Over 150 scientific publications and 40 randomised controlled trials

Today, Restylane has the broadest range of HA-based products backed up with decades of clinical experience demonstrating safety and long-lasting results.