Limelight for sun spots and freckles

Limelight is our highly sought after sun spot and freckle removal system by Cutera

Customer satisfaction with the Limelight is very high as we have had many years of experience and can adjust settings to address very difficult cases.  We do not do the treatment unless we know we will get a result.

We successfully remove 80% of pigmentation with the first treatment, cutting down your number of treatments from 6 to 1 – 2 treatments.

It takes roughly 7 days for the dark speckles on the skin to slough off and disappear from the face and up to 3 weeks on other areas of the body.  Your results will be a beautifully glowing, even toned and rejuvenated skin.

Melan tranex or Cosmelan for hormonal pigmentation


Hormonal hyper pigmentation, or melasma, can be addressed aggressively with a Cosmelan for those who suffer with stubborn or very dark pigmentation. It is the gold standard depigmentation treatment by mesoestetic. It is an effective hyper-pigmentation management programme, consisting of both professional treatment and home care. The protocol will be tailored to your condition by your skin care professional.

There are 3 phases involved.  Phase 1   Preparing your skin for 6 weeks with a brightening booster.

Phase 2  The in-clinic treatment which takes about an hour, and involves the application of the cosmelan mask. You will be instructed to remove the mask after a specified period of time.

Phase 3   The maintenance period over the next 12 months,  is critical to the success of the cosmelan treatment. You will be prescribed home care products and given careful instructions to follow to best maintain your result.

You will see amazing results within 1 month. Not only will it clear the pigmentation, but it will also improve the overall texture of your skin. You have to be dedicated to a long term treatment to get the best results.  It is an intense treatment with initial peeling for a week and your skin will be sensitive for the first 3 – 4 weeks.  Persistence is key for a success story with Cosmelan.


The Melan tranex programme takes a bit longer to see results, but is a mild treatment with no peeling, sensitivity or down time. This multidimensional approach to hormonal pigmentation is Mesoestetics latest innovation, backed by clinically proven result.

The Melan tran3x treatment is the combination of  a depigmenting chemical peel and light micro needling.  You will need 5 treatments  over an 8 week period. The most appealing part of this course is that there is absolutely no downtime – no peeling, no skin irritation and no swelling.

The reason why light micro needling is used to depigment the skin is because during the healing process, post needling, the skin calls on a host of immune cells that essentially clear up the mess. One of those cells that arrives on the scene is the macrophage cell. Once at work they engulf (eat) the excess pigment in the area that has been needled. This pigment is then cleared from the skin and the result is a brighter, clearer complexion.

Your homecare kit consists of 2 depigmenting formulae containing tranexamic acid to reduce dark marks, prevent their appearance and prevent their recurrence, plus a specific depigmenting photo-protection sunscreen.

5 treatments, 2 weeks apart will be the introduction to your journey.  You will need to keep up with the home regimen to maintain an even toned, unpigmented skin.