Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a laser treatment where a 1064nm laser beam is applied to the skin , gently heating up the dermis to stimulate new collagen and elastin.  The pulses of light are absorbed by the skin, stimulating cells called fibroblasts, which triggers the new formation of natural collagen within your skin. This type of laser therapy is a non-ablative, non-invasive, comfortable treatment which will restore a healthy glow to your skin, by smoothing out uneven textures and  fine lines, diminishing pore size,  addressing diffuse redness and leaving you with a beautifully refined texture. While subtle results may take up to 60 days to fully produce after your first treatment, multiple treatments will offer a dramatic improvement in your skin’s appearance. You may require roughly 4-6 treatments for optimum results, although your needs will be assessed on an individual basis. Celebrities love the laser genesis treatment before a red carpet event as it gives an instant glow and creamy texture to the skin. Other conditions successfully treated by The Nd-yag 1064nm laser genesis treatment:

  • Kills nail fungus
  • Flattens hypertrophic scars
  • Calms rosacea
  • Kills acne bacteria

Chemical Peels

Do you ever wonder how to have that brighter, fresher look 24/7  – 365 days a year? The secret is to keep the very top layer of your skin free of dead cell build up.  Dead skin cells absorb light leaving your skin looking dull and lifeless, whereas new fresh skin cells reflect light giving your skin a healthy glow. The term chemical in Chemical Peels, sounds harsh, but in reality most chemicals peels are derived from a natural source or are scientifically purified for your needs.  Lactic acid, which hydrates the skin, is derived from dairy products and salicylic acid, used for problematic skin, is derived from willow tree bark. People with melasma or hormonal pigmentation would need a chemical peel with lightening agents to help lift darker pigment while a very photo damaged skin would need to be addressed with a slightly more aggressive medium depth chemical peel The type and depth of the chemical peel will be customised to best suit your skin condition.  We may even combine different chemical peels for different conditions on the face in one treatment or change the types of chemical peels to address your healthier skin over the course of your treatments. For perfect results you should always do a course of between 4 to 6 chemical peels initially.  Usually 4 – 8 weeks apart. Preserving your glow will be attained with a good home care regimen which should address exfoliation, stimulation and protection of the skin. Types of Chemical Peels we offer :

  • Lamelle – Alpha Hydroxy, Beta, Beta Plus, Lactifirm 30/10 and 90/10
  • Mesoestetic – Mesopeel TCA 20%
  • Dermaquest – Skin Brite, Pumpkin and Jezzners

Micro Needling

Skin micro needling is an intensive collagen and elastin remodelling treatment with very little downtime.  Your skin will be red and sensitive when you leave the clinic.  Down time with this procedure is minimul.  Most of our patients wake up the next morning with only a slight pinkness to the skin, which can easily be covered with a tinted sunblock. Hundreds of thousands of microscopic channels are created  by the electrically driven micro pen over the entire area of the face which sparks a message to the brain that it has been injured.   Fibroblasts, the collagen producing cells,  are sent to the injured skin, where huge cascades of new collagen and healthy elastin are formed.  A few skin micro needling sessions will stimulate enough new collagen and healthy elastin to smooth out rough textured and lined skin, fill in pock marks from acne and give you back the integrity and elasticity you lose with age. Added to our micro needling treatment is the transdermal mesotherapy of a Lamelles famous Growth Factor serum, which is loaded with epidermal and fibroblast growth factors for maximum collagen stimulation.

Micro Needling with Laser Genesis

We always recommend combining skin needling with my favourite skin rejuvenating laser treatment.  Laser genesis not only leaves your skin with a beautiful texture after only 1 treatment,  the 1064nm laser beam is very healing to damaged skin.  We like to end off a micro needling session with this powerful laser treatment for the all round benefits it offers.

Pixel Peels

Our famous age reversing pixel peel can take skin from badly photo damaged and lined, to smooth and creamy in 6 months. It is a combination of micropen skin needling combined with a light or medium depth chemical peel. You can expect 2 – 4 days of downtime with pretty intense flacking. All our pixel peel patients are very pleasantly surprised at the difference in the overall change of their skin after the first treatment.  We address aggressive acne scarring and very aged skin successfully with a course of pixel peels. For skin that does not need much resurfacing, we may only recommend 1 or 2 treatments, together with other non-invasive skin rejuvenating treatments, where there is no downtime, for your best result.


Needleless Meso Jet Injector

Our new needle free MJ injector is able to propel a microscopic jet of fluid to penetrate the epidermis and upper dermis.  The size of this micro jet of fluid is 6 X’s smaller than the thinnest needle.  Once it has created a channel through the epidermis,  the pressure is released,  which causes a small spray cloud of our Fusion XFC+ or Fusion XFC+Face or +Lift to infiltrate the deep layers of the dermis.   Fusions’ cocktail of active ingredients targets the production of new collagen and elastin, it has free radical and anti-flammatory actives andassists the skin with healing and strengthening.  With a course of 4 – 6 treatments you will start noticing a change in texture, skin tightening and wrinkle and line reduction.   Copy and Paste to see full Fusion Range.