An Effective Acne Treatment for Quick Recovery

Laser Genesis: An Effective Acne Treatment for Quick Recovery

Laser Genesis is a cutting-edge medical procedure that utilizes a 1064 nm laser beam to effectively combat acne-causing bacteria, specifically P-acnes. This advanced treatment not only eradicates bacteria but also provides soothing relief and reduces inflammation, promoting speedy recovery.

Ideal for individuals undergoing peels and deep cleanse facials, Laser Genesis serves as an excellent intermediary treatment. Its ability to target and eliminate P-acnes bacteria, coupled with its inflammation-reducing properties, makes it a highly sought-after solution for those seeking rapid relief and improved skin health.

Experience the benefits of Laser Genesis— an unparalleled acne treatment that accelerates recovery while complementing your skincare routine.

Chemical Peels: Highly Effective Treatment for Acne and Breakouts

Chemical peels offer remarkable success in treating various forms of acne, excluding cystic acne. Among the widely preferred peels for addressing acne and breakouts is salicylic acid. Renowned for its lipotropic properties, salicylic acid effectively dissolves pore-clogging plugs. It swiftly eliminates blackheads and exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving your skin revitalized and rejuvenated.

Experience the transformative power of chemical peels, the ultimate solution for combating acne and achieving a clearer complexion. Trust in the professional expertise and advanced techniques employed in this highly effective treatment to enhance the health and appearance of your skin.

Deep Cleanse Facial

Indulge in the transformative experience of our Deep Cleanse Facial, exclusively crafted to combat acne-related concerns. At our esteemed aesthetic clinic, we take pride in employing the renowned Lamelle range, a sought-after cosmeceutical brand from South Africa.

Enhanced Treatment with Lamelle’s Beta Chemical Peel

During your Deep Cleanse Facial, our skilled professionals will go the extra mile to ensure your skin’s purity and vitality. To address excessive congestion, we may enhance the treatment with a gentle application of Lamelle’s beta chemical peel. This innovative peel, infused with salicylic acid, possesses the remarkable ability to dissolve pore plugs, making extractions of blackheads and pustules effortless. It effectively soothes inflammation, providing a calming effect while drying out existing acne.

Achieve Cleansed and Nourished Skin

As you luxuriate in a state of blissful relaxation, we meticulously cleanse and purify your skin, bidding farewell to impurities. Finally, we lavish your skin with a nourishing and hydrating moisturiser, fortifying its natural barrier and leaving it thoroughly protected.

Unlock Radiance at Lasersense

Upon departing Lasersense, you will be captivated by the splendid results—a rejuvenated complexion and a tranquil state of mind. Experience the art of pampering and unlock your true radiance with our specialised facials for acne.

Pixel Peel for Acne Scars

Experience the transformative power of our Pixel Peel, a specialized treatment designed to address acne pock mark scarring. Combining the benefits of micropen skin needling and a medium depth chemical peel, this innovative approach is tailored to rebuild indentations in the skin and stimulate the formation of new, flawless skin.

Micropen Skin Needling and Collagen Formation

The process begins with micropen skin needling, creating thousands of microscopic channels that penetrate up to a depth of 2mm. This remarkable technique triggers a cascade of new collagen formation, promoting the gradual restoration of the skin’s texture.

Enhancing Results with a Medium Depth Peel

To further enhance the results, we incorporate a medium depth peel, accelerating the production of fresh skin cells. This step is crucial in forcing the formation of new skin, resulting in an even-textured and smoother complexion over a course of sessions.

Downtime and Visible Difference

Following each treatment, it is normal to experience 2 – 4 days of downtime, accompanied by intense flaking. However, our esteemed pixel peel patients are pleasantly surprised by the remarkable difference in their skin’s overall appearance after the very first session.
Unlock the potential for radiant, rejuvenated skin with our revitalizing Pixel Peel, exclusively offered at our esteemed aesthetic clinic specializing in acne treatment.


Discover the rejuvenating benefits of our LED Light Therapy, a specialized 30-minute low-level laser treatment designed to combat acne, diminish acne bacteria, and restore your skin’s healthy appearance. Through the combined power of blue and red light therapy, we offer a comprehensive solution to clear existing breakouts and promote a renewed complexion.

To achieve optimal results, we recommend a series of 8 – 10 treatments, ideally performed twice a week. Alternatively, you can complement your LED Light Therapy session with a chemical peel or a deep cleanse facial, amplifying the transformative effects and maximizing the benefits for your skin.

Experience the remarkable potential of LED Light Therapy as it revitalizes your skin, reduces acne bacteria, and unveils a renewed and radiant complexion. Trust our expertise in acne treatment and embrace the path to clear, healthy skin.