Laser Genesis

The medical class 1064 nm laser beam kills the bacteria found in acne, call P-acnes, at the same time it soothes and calms down inflammation,  quickly relieving irritation and promoting a quick recovery.

A very good treatment to have between your peels and deep cleanse facials

Chemical Peels

Most types of acne, besides cystic acne, are very successfully treated with a course of chemical peels.  The most common type of peel used to address acne or breakouts are salicylic acid.  It is lipotropic, which means it is able to dissolve the plugs formed in the pores.  Blackheads are quickly broken down and the dead skin cells are removed leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Deep Cleanse Facial

We use south Africa’s very popular cosmeceutical Lamelle range for our deep cleanse facials.  We will often add a layer Lamelle’s beta chemical peel to your facial if you have excessive congestion where you will need extraction of black heads and pustules.  Because the salacylic acid in the beta peel is able to instantly dissolve pore plugs, it allows for very easy extractions, calms down inflammation and dries out existing acne.

Once you are relaxed and cleaned, your treatment will end after your skin is well moisturised and protected.

Leave Lasersense with a well pampered and rejuvenated skin and mind.

Pixel Peel for Acne Scars

A pixel peel for acne pock mark scarring is a treatment of micropen skin needling combined with a medium depth chemical peel. This type of acne scarring requires that you rebuild the indentations in the skin and the only way to achieve this is to stimulate the formation of new skin.  Thousands of microscopic channels are created with the micropen, up to a depth of 2mm, which will cause a cascade of new collagen to form. For premium results we add a medium depth peel which speeds up and forces the formation of new skin cells.  Over a course of sessions, your skin will slowly become even textured and smooth.

You can expect 2 – 4 days of downtime with pretty intense flacking after each treatment.  All our pixel peel patients are very pleasantly surprised at the difference in the overall change of their skin after the first treatment.


Blue and red light therapy is a 30 min low level laser treatment which diminishes acne bacteria, clears existing breakouts and restores your skins healthy appearance.  You can do 8 – 10 treatments twice a week or a session after a chemical peel or a deep cleanse facial for optimum results.